About Us

G. Gekko Nigeria Limited is a provider and consultant of products and services in the spheres of safety & emergency (fire & medical) and waste management.

Our strategic and exclusive partnerships with world-class manufacturers in Europe and North America enable us to accomplish our singular vision.

Our Values

Our vision is to empower our Nigerian customers with innovative solutions in safety, green technology and manufacturing at the lowest cost of ownership.

The more Nigerians we empower with our innovative products and services, the higher we raise the bar in the Nigeria’s standard of living and quality of life.

We also provide consulting services, training, technical assistance and spare parts for our products.

What Makes Us Unique

At G. Gekko, we don’t just sell products. Our strategic partnerships enable us to fulfill our passionate commitment to empower our customers with state of the art, cutting edge technology that solves their safety and environmental problems.

Our fire-fighting products utilize a ground-breaking water mist technology that harnesses pulse-water engineering to create low-pressure, super fine water mist that extinguishes any fire and cools the substrate. The following are the benefits of our innovative technology:

The G. Gekko Advantage
  • It does not expire and does not employ any chemical additives. This makes our fire-fighting products completely safe to use around anybody, including children.
  • It is highly portable, easy to operate, easy to replace
  • It efficiently extinguishes all classes with 90% less water.
  • It causes zero collateral damage when employed, thereby making it 100% environmentally friendly.
  • It is safe for use on electrical items up to 100kV. Certified to 35kV.
  • We have trained engineers on the ground to provide service and maintenance through our Service Level Program.
  • And best of all, our partnerships enable easy access to spare parts for all our safety and environmental products.

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We strive to offer our customers what they deserve – The Absolute Best! Get in touch with us today to make inquiries or place your orders today, with the information provided below.

Head Office

Plot 239 Mabushi District,
Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria.

Contact Details

+234 (814) 000 0702
+234 (814) 000 0703